We need productive forest stands – not only for economic reasons but also because of the climate change. Healthy, fast-growing trees produce more oxygen and attract more carbon dioxide, thus helping to reduce greenhouse effect.

Marking boundaries

Location survey is marking and measuring a certain forest area in situ for the purpose of obtaining a felling permit. Unfortunately, the inventory data at the disposal of the owner quite often do not correspond to the actual situation on site therefore it is very important to “read” the forest in order to create a felling area in line with both forestry and legal requirements.


Callipering is measuring every tree in order to determine the average standing volume or crown closure for the felling area. The permitted deviation for measuring a felling area is set at 10%.  Our experience permits us to keep this indicator at 3% on average. Knowledge of an accurate standing volume allows easy estimation of its value so that neither the seller nor the buyer feels deceived later.

Forest inventory (valuation)

Forest inventory (valuation) is the division of your forest property in principal units (plots) according to the age and composition of the forest stand, growing conditions and other characteristics. Inventory-taking is the foundation of forest management – without it you will be able only to cut a couple of dead trees for firewood. Accurate inventory allows more accurate estimation of the value of your forest property.

Renewal of boundary tracks and boundary markers

Renewal of boundary tracks and boundary markers (boundary mounds). In our work we regularly face situations where the actual borders of a property either do not correspond to the information in the cadastre of the State Land Service or are missing. The tools we have at our disposal, and our experience in solving disputable issues will help to renew the faded borders and avoid disagreement with neighbours. 


Consultancy. Our huge experience allows us to help people who have little or no relation to forest management issues and laws applicable to the industry in their regular activities. In addition, we can represent your interests in resolving disputable situations with the State Forest Service.

Forest regeneration and young forest maintenance

A forest felled under any ownership must be regenerated! We provide all necessary services so that within several years following the felling the forest owner sees a green young forest rather than grey stumps or a patch invaded by raspberry-bushes:

  • preparation of soil for planting (creation of mounds);
  • forest planting;
  • young forest thinning and maintenance.

We use custom machinery to maintain young forests and maturing standing volumes to acquire larger felling crop in the future.

Undergrowth removal

We remove trees and shrubbery, as well as stumps from arable land, reclamation ditches or sites intended for construction.


We provide updating of arable and forest land reclamation data (project development), building or renewal of ditches and other water flows for the improvement of forest fertility.

Forest stand valuation

We offer valuation of your forest for forced sale or forest value identification.